Quick Start Up STP After Shutdown

domestic wastewater treatment, STP start up, STP recovery

Project Background:
  • Domestic wastewater, 20 cum/d, underground integrated treatment equipment, A/O

  • process , Anaerobic tank 2 m3, aerobic tank 10 m3,

  • Due to 7 days vacation, most staff was absent, although add nutrient source for system during vocation period, but no any wastewater coming in

Project problem

- After vocation, smelly odor occurred, sludge floating,

- Biofilm dying out

- COD, Ammonia, P effluent failure to discharge standard

Project Solution
  1. 1) Pumping out floating sludge, refill wastewater;

  2. 2) Dosing 8 kg anaerobic digestion product to anoxic tank;

  3. 3) Dosing 10 kg aerobic bacteria;

  4. 4) Dosing 8 kg Nitrifying bacteria products to aeration tank;

  5. 5) Stop influent & effluent, active on aerating device for 22 hours, stop 2 hours;

  6. 6) After 24 hours, 1/2 feed influent, 48 hours later, full influent;

Project Result

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