Petroleum refinery wastewater treatment

Filamentous bulking, Ammonia reduction,

Project Background

1) Project Site: Sinopec Jiujiang Plant 

2) Wastewater type: Petroleum refinery wastewater 

3) Flow rate: 200 ~300 m3 / hr 

4) Project problem: Filamentous bulking and ammonia problem 

5) Desired goals: Control filamentous bulking and effluent ammonia within 8 mg/L

Project Problem

1) Flow diagram: Influent > EQ > Oil Separation > DAF > 1st A/O > 

    Clarifier >2nd A/O > 2nd Clarifier> BAF 

2) Tank size: 

    1st A Tank 3873 m3 *2 ;              1st O Tank 6403 m3 *2 

    2nd O Tank 7200 m3;                  BAF tank 13000 m3

3) Wastwater analysis report:

Diagnosis and solution

1) Biological system was collapsed due to shock load such as sulfides, oils and organics amines. Suggest to inoculate bacteria to quick recovery. 

2) Filamentous bulking, SV30 is 70%, loose zooglea and settles slowly. Suggest to discharge 20 % sludge and recultivate biomass.

3) Low nitrification performance (NH4-N problem) , suggest to inoculate nitrifying bacteria to control ammonia (NH4-N) 

4) TN discharge violate local limit, and carbon source is insufficient, suggest to add methanol 300 Liter per day

Products Using

1) Nitrifying bacteria : Control ammonia nitrogen and maintain discharge compliance 

2) Anaerobic Bacteria: Quick recovery from filamentous bulking, improve settles problem 

3) Hydrocarbon Bioremove: Special for petroleum refinery wastewater to reduce hydrocarbon

Project Implementation

1) Check and make sure all facility, air diffuser, pipe, valve, instruments work properly. 

2) Discharge 20% sludge, add new sludge from municipal wwtp. 

3) Add sodium hydroxide in fore-end pipeline before aeration tank, control PH at 7.5~8.5.

4) Add trisodium phosphate (TSP) in aeration tank, control TP at 2 mg/L.

5) Add methanol 300L/d to anaerobic tank.

6) Continuously inoculate bacteria for 20 days.

Project Result
NH4-N Before and after

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