Cost Saving for WWTP Operation

WWTP Operation, Saving Cost

Project Highlight:

1) Sludge production reduced 25 % ; 

2) Electricity consumption reduced 12 %;

3) Increase diversity of biomass, treatment load reduced, improve anti shock load ability; 

4) Significantly reduced odor during sludge treatment.

Project Background

1) Plant flow rate: 10,000 m3/day, 

2) Sludge volume 3,504 ton /year ( Water content 78%) 

3) Wastewater process: Influent > Coarse Screen > Pump Lift > Fine Screens > Grit tank 

    > Primary Clarifier > AAO > Sedimental tank > Disinfecting tank > Efluent

4) Wastewater Parameters

Project Diagnosis

System Problem:

1) Reduce sludge treatment cost;

2) Energy saving, reduce daily operation cost;

3) Control odor around sewate plant;

Project Solution: 

Continuously dosing AEROBIC BACTERIA 5 kg per day to aeration tank for 30 days

Sludge Volume Before and After
Sludge Treatment Cost Before and After
Electricity Before and After
Electricity Cost Before and After

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