Pond bio rehabilitation and Biological deodorization

Pond rehabilitation, biological odor control

Project Background

The 7th CISM World Games 2019 was hold in Wuhan City during Oct 18th to Oct 27th, while 1 km away from hote where athlete going to stay, 5 ponds was polluted by piggery wastewater and serious odor occurred, In order to protect the environment of the CISM World Games,  we carried out biorehabilitation of these 5 ponds.

    Pond Location 1.png        Pond location 2.png

Pond Size.png

Project diagnosis

1)  Poor water fluidity

2)  Without aerator, Insufficient dissovled oxygen, therefore the NH3 and H2S was generated by anaerobic reaction of bottom sludge.

3)  Part of the water surface of the pond is covered by weeds and manure, which emits odor and affects the dissolved oxygen content of the water body;

Project Solution

According to the site conditions, we are going to apply ODOR CONTROL + AQUA CLEAN for pond bio rehabilitation and biological deodorization.

Odor control is biological formulation, offers superior odor prevention and elimination, fast action in minutes, it works in the same environments where odors are generated.

Aqua Clean is is a customized natural microbial/ enzyme product with specific strains for aqua bio remediation and maintain supreme pond & Lake Biota, it can degrade the contamination and improve water quality.

Odor Control.png  Aqua Clean.png

Project Implementation:

1. Clean the water surface

Because part of the pond surface is covered by weeds and manure, it affects the D.O in water body and dose of microbial products, Therefore, weeds and manure must be salvaged and cleaned before inoculation, so that the microbial prodcuts can function smoothly. And can improve the beauty of the pond.

Pond Chean 1.png Pond Clean 2.png

Pond Clean 3.png Pond Clean 4.png

2. Install 11 unit aerator

Due to water poor fluidity and low D.O, the odor was generated from anaerobic reaction in pond bottom sludge, Therefore, we installed total 11 unit aerator in all pond to increase the dissolved oxygen in the water body and make the water flow. It is beneficial for the bacteria to mix evenly in the water and play a role.

Aeration install 1.png Aerator install 2.png

Aeration install 3.png Aerator install 4.png

3. Inoculate microbial products

Inoculate ODOR CONTROL & AQUA CLEAN, the combined application of the products can quick eliminate the odor and improve water quality.

The shock treatment will take 12 days, during the shock treatment, daily dose total 260 kg products for all ponds.

The maintenance treatment will take another 12 days, daily dose 120 kg products for all ponds.

Dose 1.png  Dose 2.png

Dose 3.png Dose 4.png

Project Result

Odor Result

During the project, 16 monitoring points were set up around 5 ponds, the regular monitoring results show that the biological odo control has a significant effect, and the concentration of NH3 and H2S during the military games was well controlled.

    odor result 1.png    Odor Result 2.png

Odor result 3.png

Pond water result

After 25 days of treatment, the water quality in pond has significantly improved, detail as following:

p1q.png p1h.png

p2q.png p2h.png

p3q.png p3h.png

p4q.png p4h.png

p5q.png p5h.png

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