Urban River Bio-rehabilitation

Case Study, River Biorehabilitation

Project Background

Guangfu River is typical tributary for Pearl River, but in recent years, caused by

untreated sewager and incomliance industrial wastewater discharge, water quality become

deteriorated with blakc moss and smelly odor. Goverment investigated pollution source and

order pollluter to rectification within limited time, after that start implement bio remediation

for Guangfu river.

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River problem
  • River problem
  • River Problem
Bio rehabilitation solution

1) Interception for domestic waste,

2) Base on core technology of microbial enzyme, dosing Aqua Clean + Sludge removal+

Ammonia Control + Odor Control

3) Install air diffuser to create aerobic for providing sufficient D.O for microbe growth and

treatment .

4) Install floating wetland for microbe carrier, increase purification ability for


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  • Pic 2 Dosing microbe.png
  • Pic 3 Install air diffuser.png
  • Pic 4 Install floating wetland.png
  • Pic 5 Aqua Clean.jpg
  • Pic 6 Sludge Removal.jpg
Project Result

During bio remediation, Tangsons overcamed all difficulties and carried out strict pollution

monitoring on the river channel, initiate the timely emergency mechanism, implemeted

ecological restoration and management for black-odor river treatment in all direction after 60

days, finally turn black-odor river into benchmark river scenery line.

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