Myco Pestop

Bioinsecticide solutions against insects and disease pests

Myco Pestop is a microbial bioncontrol solutions against insects and disease pests, The solutions consist of notably bacteria and fungi, conjunct with toosendanin (TSN) extracted from plants, that target damaging pests and keep crops healthy. 

It is a safe and effective, foliar applied insecticide, miticide and fungicide. The mode of action is as a contact killer. As an insecticide, it works best on soft bodied insects or on the juveniles.

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Target Insect
  • Thrips

  • Aphids

  • Mites

  • Weevils

  • Whiteflies

  • Unique contact infection mode of action

  • Protect traditional chemistry from insect resistance development

  • No known resistance, valuable tool for insecticide resistance management

  • Competitive efficacy with chemical insecticides

  • Zero residues, can be used in organic production

  • Easy-to-use liquid formula

  • No post-harvest interval

Mode of Action

When The spores of microbe attach to the surface of the insect, germinate and penetrate the exoskeleton and grow inside the pest. so that they produce the toxin on their own to deter various insect pests. Death of target pest may take 3~7 days.

Once the toosendanin is incorporated into the growing medium, insects that come into contact with the products will become infected, it can can block nerve central conduction, destroy respiratory metabolism, affecting digestion and absorption, causing the insect to die.


Dosage & Method
  • Apply 600 ml / acre, 1: 600 dilution , foliar spray or drenched into the soil.

  • Repeat applications at 5-10 day intervals to achieve the best control.

  • Shake vigorously for 30-45 seconds before use, Best efficacy to spray at afternoon.

  • Apply in the early stages of population development, based on growers’ economic thresholds

  • For whitefly and mite control, ensure coverage of the underside of the leaf.

  • If higher insect populations may require the use of chemical insecticides for knockdown and shorter application intervals of product to 2-5 days to achieve acceptable control


Product List

Sustainable Soil FertilityNon Residue Crop ProtectionOptimal Growth Management
Animal Husbandry
Feed Probiotics SolutionManure CompostingOdor Management
Waste Management
Waste Water Treatment
Surface Water Treatment
Bacteria supply
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