trichoderma fungicide

Trianum Shield

Bio fungicide for the reduction of soil-borne diseases

Trianum-Shield is bio fungicide for reduction of soil-borne disease such as Pythium spp., Rhizoctonia spp., Fusarium spp. And Sclerotinia. 

In addition, Trianum-Shield contains properties that promote plant growth, especially when it comes to the development of roots and aerial parts of the plant. Contact us for more details about the trichoderma fungicide.

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Disease Control
  • Fusarium

  • Sclerotinia

  • Pythium

  • Rhizoctonia

  • Thielaviopsis

  • Cylindrocladium

  • Protects roots from damaging fungal pathogens

  • Promoting stronger, healthier roots

  • Compatible with other seed treatments and pesticides

  • Greater crop stand preservation

  • Enhances nutrient uptake

  • Increase stress Tolerance

  • Potential yield increases

  • Protect crop from yield loss

  • Zero residues, can be used in organic production

Mode of Action
  • Competition for space, faster grow than other soil borne fungi

  • Competition for nutrients, take ways the nutrients source that pathogens needed

  • Parasitism of pathogens, break down the cell walls and pathogen dies

  • Strengthening of the plant, improves the root system for nutrient uptake

  • Induced resistance, reinforces the defence mechanism of the parts of plant

  • Facilitating the absorption of fixed and non-fixed nutrients


Fusarium Control (1-4 days)                                        T.Harzianum Treated (1-4 days)


Rhizoctonia Control (1-4 days)                                    T.Harzianum Treated (1-4 days)

Dosage & Method
  • Can be applied via drench, drip-irrigation, or by spray while sowing to the cultivation medium

  • Apply 2-4 kg per acre, as early as possible to the crop for optimal effect.

  • Reapply after 10~12 weeks to extend root protection for season-long control

  • Use Trianum-Shield as a preventive method. To achieve optimal results, start using Trianum-Shield at the beginning of the crop cycle, preferable during sowing, cutting or planting. Trianum-Shield performs well under different environmental conditions. It grows in various climates (10-34°C), at a pH between 4-8, in many types of cultivation media and on the roots of many different types of crops.

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Trianum Shield Treated.jpg
Trianum Shield Treated.jpg
Trianum Shield on cucumber seedling.png
Trianum Shield on cucumber seedling.png
Trianum Shield effect on cucumber .png
Trianum Shield effect on cucumber .png


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