Remove Oil From Wastewater


Degrade fat, oil, and grease

FOG Bioremove is a natural biological product consisting specially selected microorganisms, This product is safe and nature method to significantly digesting oil, grease, organic waste, eliminating odour and removing organic buildup in aerobic treatment systems and dissolved air flotation units. Contact Us for Remove Oil From Wastewater.

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  • Municipal and private sewage

  • Industrial wastewater

  • Palm oil pond

  • Oxpond

  • WWTP

  • SBR

  • MBBR

  • Special for oily wastewater treatment, effective degrade fat, oil, grease, fatty acid, oil accumulation, starch, protein in wastewater

  • Reduce or eliminate effluent foam caused by incompletely degraded fatty acid;

  • Effective reduce or eliminate odor problem for wastewater;

  • Reduces aeration requirements; Energy savings

  • Quick start up and stabilizes the biomass for proper biological nutrient removal

  • Improve activated sludge flocculation functions, and more diversity and number of biomass culture.

How does it work

FOG contains the same powerful biological consortia , specially formulated for wastewater or influent streams with fat, oil, and grease content over 100mg/L.This product significantly improves the efficiency of aerobictreatment systems, dissolved air flotation units, oil water separators, and grease traps.

FOG select live microbial cultures to generate the required enzyme chemistry in situ, resulting in rapid FOG degradation and preventing downstream solidification of fats ensuring pipework remains free flowing.


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