Pond Remediation and Aglae Control

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Project Background

Tanghu Pond, located in Tanghu Park of Wuhan city, composed of two upper and lower small pond. The upper pond is designed as a waterfall with a small area of about 300 m2 and a water depth of 30-40 cm. The lower poond has an area of about 1600 m2 and an average water depth of 0.8 m. The upper pond is currently completely covered by duckweed, the lower pool was covered by Barracuda and floating-leaf water lilies all grow in large numbers, and the water color is light brown. It is dark , detail in following Pic:

Project Solution

2. Project Solution

According to pond situation, MET (microecological ecological restoration technology) was designed for this pond remediation, which advatages are as following:

(1) Using ecological remediation methods, safe and free of secondary pollution;

(2) MET microecological ecological restoration technology, combined with plant regulation,fish regulation and other comprehensive methods,can achieve improvement of water quality and landscape for short-term and long-term effects.

(3) The project treatment period will take around 30 days.

Duckweed salvage

Since the upper pond has been completely covered by duckweed, the water under the duckweed has become black and smelly. Therefore, duckweed salvage work was carried out on the upper pond first, and duckweed intercepting nets were installed to prevent duckweed from entering the lower pond , site pic as following:

Remove Alligator Weed

A large number of alligator weed grow in the lower pool. Alligator weed are not landscape-specific and have very strong fecundity and competitiveness. They will inhibit the growth of other plants, seal the water surface, and cause the water body to lack oxygen and make it difficult for fish to breathe. Therefore, a large amount of alligator weed in lower pond were removed, site pic as following:

Restoring water circulation

Due to the respiration of algae in the water body at night in the hot season, the water body is prone to hypoxia. Therefore, it is planned to restore the water circulation of the upper and lower pools and increase the dissolved oxygen in the water body. Site pic as following:

Set up ecological barrier

Set up 30-meter-long ecological isolation zone by tarpaulins and floats at the sewage inlet of the lower pond to control the sewage within the narrow area on the east. In this area, dose microbial products to restore the pond ecosystem and purify the water.

Dose microbial products to improve water quality

Dose AQUA CLEAN , ALGAE CONTROL and NITRIFYING BACTERIA into the upper and lower pools to enhance water purification, reduce water COD, TN and other indicators, improve water quality, control excessive growth of algae, and prevent blue algae blooms

Microbial Products to use

Aqua Clean is is a customized natural microbial/ enzyme product with specific strains for aqua bio remediation and maintain supreme pond & Lake Biota, it can degrade the contamination and improve water quality

Algae Control is liquid biological algae control and natural algaecide, can effective against green water, blue-green algae, diatoms and hair algae. Suppress harmful algae growth and prevent its return.

Nitrifying Bacteria is s a consortium of vigorous and specific microbes that when add to system, quickly increases the population to acceptable levels, and enables them to efficiently control the amount of ammonia present by oxidising it to nitrite and further breaking the nitrite down to nitrate.

Project Result

As the water quality fluctuates greatly when it rains, and the surrounding sewage enters the pond also has a greater impact, but the water quality has still been significantly improved throughout the treatment period.

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