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Project Background

Yanglan Lake is located in Hubei, water area 583.3 ha, the average water depth is 2.5~3 m.  It mainly relies on urban sewage, rainfall and surface runoff to make up water, with a catchment area of about 45 Km2. The area to be treated in the project is located in the east side of Yang Lan lake, shows as following pic that water color is dark green with high chlorophyll content, poor transparency and smelly odor.

Site Evalulation

Tangsons team conducted field survey and sampling in the afternoon of June 12th (clear) and September 14th (heavy rain), the specific sampling location is shown in Figure 1-5 and the water quality index analysis is shown in followig pic:

Project diagnosis

(1) Due to internal source pollution, Yanglan Lake become eutrophication surface water, the  COD, nitrogen and phosphorus exceed the standard year-round. Once the summer temperature rises and the sunshine time becomes longer,makes the cyanobacteria booming;

(2) Serious pollution, especially in June and July, the rainfall surged and the surface runoff load increased exponentially, causing large quantities of excessive pollutants to enter the lake in a short time;

(3) As a sewage-discharging city lake,the sewage interception is not complete, moreover, in order to ensure flood discharge and drainage, a large amount of rainwater enters in a short period of time in the rainy season, which leads to an increase in pollution load.

Project solution

For the algae booming area, Tangsons carry out the algae control to kill the algae and improve transparency.  For the heavy polluted area, Tangsons adopt microbiological remediation by using Aqua Clean and Phos remove to improve the lake ecosystem and improve water quality to meet standard.

Aqua Clean is is a customized natural microbial/ enzyme product with specific strains for aqua bio remediation and maintain supreme pond & Lake Biota, it can degrade the contamination.

Phos Remove is biological formulation by phosphorus-accumulating organisms, applied to activated sludge systems for the removal of phosphate. The basic principle of biological phosphorus removal is to expose bacteria to alternating anaerobic and aerobic conditions to promote “luxury uptake” of phosphorus.

Algae Control is liquid biological algae control and natural algaecide, can effective against green water, blue-green algae, diatoms and hair algae. Suppress harmful algae growth and prevent its return.

Project result

After 30 days treatment,  nutrient as COD, NH3-N & TP was significant reduced, chlorophyll is lower 4-5 times than before, cyanobacteria on the lake surface is basically eliminated, and transparency significant improvement, elimination of peculiar smell, and the overall effect reached project expectations.


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