Chemical Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Bio augmentation, Microbial enhancement

Project Background

Project Background: 

1) Project: JingJiang Chemical Co., Ltd ; 

2) Wastewater type: Coal Chemical wastewater; 

3) Flow rate: 3,000 cum/day 4) Flow diagram: Inlet> EQ > DAF > Anaerobic tank > Aeration tank > MBR > BAF> Clarify > outlet. 

5) Tank size: Anaerobic tank--4000 m3 / 4 batch (HRT 32 h) Aeration tank --972 m3/2 batch (HRT 7.8 h) MBR 429 m3 (HRT 3.4 h) 

Project Problem

   .   COD & NH4-H over standard, 

   .   Required to upgrade during limited period.

   .   COD Limit< 100 mg/L, NH4-H Limit< 35 mg/L

Wastewater Analysis Report
Project Solution

1) Seeding DENITRIFYING Bioenzyme in anaerobic tank, used for NO3 & TN reduction; 

2) Seeding NITRIFYING Bioenzyme in aerobic tank, used for ammonia nitrate reduction 

3) Seeding BOD REMOVE in aerobic tank & BAF tank, used for COD & BOD reduction

COD Before and After
NH4-N Before and after

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