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Bacillus Subtilis

2x 10^11 cfu/g bacillus subtilis powder supply

Bacillus Subtilis`s one kind of bacillus, gram positive bacteria. One bacterium is 0.7-0.8um×2-3um, coloring evenly, without capsule, with flagella around it, can move. The size of spore is 0.6-0.9um×1.0-1.5um, oval or columnar, at central or a little near center of the bacterium; the bacterium will not expand after spore forms. The surface of the bacteria colony is rough and opaque, with the color of dirty white or yellow, usually form wrinkle pellicle during growing in the liquid culture medium. They are aerobic bacteria, can use protein, a variety of sugar and starch decompose tryptophan and form benzpyrole. 

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  • Bacteria count :  1 x 10^11 cfu/g  ,  2 x 10^11 cfu/g

  • Fineness:  60-80 mesh screen

  • Moisture: 8%

  • 25 kg / bag or  as per customers request

  • Agriculture

  • Animal Feed

  • Aquaculture

  • Waste Treatment

  • In Agriculture:  improve crop resistance to disease, cold, drought, heat, disease and insects, have certain nitrogen-fixing, phosphorus-resolving, potassium-removing effects, improve soil structure and micro-ecological environment, improve fertilizer utilization, promote root growth, and balance soil pH Value to overcome continuous cropping obstacles

  • In feed additive, Maintaining intestinal ecological balance and enhancing anti-stress ability; the bacteria can produce organic acids, various enzymes and B vitamins, promote digestion and absorption, improve feed conversion rate; regulate immunity : Stimulate the growth and development of immune organs, enhance disease resistance, improve survival rate; optimize breeding environment, eliminate od

  • In aquaculture:  It can consume a large amount of organic matter in water and decompose it into small molecule organic acids, amino acids and ammonia, improve water quality and provide nutrition for Monascus; inhibit harmful algae, increase water activity; Toxic substances such as nitrite, ammonia nitrogen and hydrogen sulfide, purify the breeding environment.

How does it work
  •  The active substances like subtilin, polymyxin, nystatin, gramicidin and etc. Generat during the growing period of bacillus subtilis, have obvious inhibiting function to pathogenic bacteria.

  •  They can exhaust the free oxygen in the environment rapidly, make the intestinal tract hypoxia, promote the beneficial anaerobic bacteria growing, and generate the organic acid like lactic acid and etc., reduce the PH value of intestinal tract, inhibit the growth of other pathogenic bacteria indirectly.

  •  They can stimulate the growth and development of the immune organ of animals, activate lymphocyte T, B, lift the level of immune protein and antibody, enhance the functions of cell immunity and humor immunity, and enhance the immunity of the group.

  • The bacillus subtilis can compound α-amylase, protease, lipase, cellulase and etc. by themselves, and play a role with digestive enzymes inside animals in the digestive tract.

  •  They can compound several kinds of vitamin group B like vitamin, niacin and etc., enhance the activity of interferon and macrophage inside animals.

Dosage and Storage
  • Dosing is vary to specific project information, pls consult with your account manage.

  • 2 years shelf life, 1 kg per foil bag, 25 kg per bag

  • Store in cool, dry location, keep out of direct sunshine and moisture. 

  • Once opened, should be use it within 30 days to prevent activation. Keep out of reach of children.


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