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Bacillus Licheniformis

2x 10^11 cfu/g bacillus licheniformis powder supply

Bacillus Licheniformis is a kind of bacillus, gram positive bacteria. The size of a bacterium is 0.8um×(1.5-3.5)um. The form of the cell is rod-shaped, and single. The spore is at near central and oval. Sporocyst is a little expansion. The bacteria colony on the bouillon culture medium is flat, irregular edge, white, and rough folded surface. The diameter of the bacteria colony will be 3mm in 24 hours.

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  • Bacteria count :  1 x 10^11 cfu/g  ,  2 x 10^11 cfu/g

  • Fineness:  60-80 mesh screen

  • Moisture: 8%

  • 25 kg / bag or  as per customers request

  • Agriculture

  • Animal Feed

  • Aquaculture

  • Waste Treatment

  • Synthetic biology

  • Dental

  •  In synthetic biology: The ability of B. licheniformis to form endospores allows it to survive in the harsh environments required to manufacture industrial enzymes, chemicals, and antibiotics. Proteases are often included in detergents, and amylases in the desizing of textiles and sizing of papers. Specific strains are also used to produce peptide antibiotics like bacitracin and proticin, as well as some specialty chemicals, including citric acid, inosine, inosinic acid, and poly-γ-glutamic acid

  •  In feed additive, It has more powerful activity of protease, lipase, and amylase, can promote degrading the nutrients in the feed, make the poultry and livestock and aquatic animals absorbing and using the feed more sufficiently.

  •  In dental:  Scientists at Newcastle University have been researching how the organism's ability to release an enzyme that breaks down external DNA may aid in breakdown of dental biofilms, or plaque. Lab tests have confirmed the enzyme's ability to break up and remove bacteria present in plaque, and thus prevent the build up of plaque. Addition of this enzyme to toothpastes, mouthwash, etc. could help reduce the prevalence of dental caries.

  •  In aquaculture:  It can consume a large amount of organic matter in water and decompose it into small molecule organic acids, amino acids and ammonia, improve water quality and provide nutrition for Monascus; inhibit harmful algae, increase water activity; Toxic substances such as nitrite, ammonia nitrogen and hydrogen sulfide, purify the breeding environment.

  • In agriculture: It can be rapidly colonized and propagated in the roots of crops to adjust the soil microecological balance.It can effectively increase the crop yield, increase the VC content and sugar content of the fruit, and improve the quality and taste of the fruit.

How does it work

The bacillus licheniformis can adjust the bacteria colony, can promote the body generating antibacterial active substance, kill pathogenic bacteria. It can generate anti-active substance. It has a special function of biological seizing oxygen; inhibits the growth and reproduction of the pathogenic bacteria.

Dosage and Storage
  • Dosing is vary to specific project information, pls consult with your account manage.

  • 2 years shelf life, 1 kg per foil bag, 25 kg per bag

  • Store in cool, dry location, keep out of direct sunshine and moisture. 

  • Once opened, should be use it within 30 days to prevent activation. Keep out of reach of children.


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