9. Can more than one Tangsons products be used at the same time

Tangsons products can be administered together. They are perfectly compatible with each other. Simply follow the directions for usage on the side of the box for each product you use. They are doing different jobs in the pond or aquarium.

10. Will a UV light interfere with the bacteria in Tangsons products?

Yes, we recommend that you turn off the UV light for a 48-72-hour period after the initial application and for 24-48 hours after each subsequent application. This is when the organisms are growing most rapidly and when they are the most sensitive to the UV light.

11. What environments have shown the least results when bacteria was added?

Concrete and cement ponds have residual lime and acids in them. The lime may leach out of the concrete for years adversely affecting the bacteria’s results if not properly washed and prepared at time of installation.

12. What will Tangsons bacteria products do for my pond, lagoon or lake?

It reduces ammonia levels, nitrogen levels, reduces noxious odors caused by urine, fecal matter, algae, overfeeding, etc., reduces hydrogen sulfide odors, improves dissolved oxygen, reduces buildup of bird droppings and organic sediment. Also reduces nitrate nitrogen levels and most potential sources of fish toxicity.

13. How long will it take to see result?

Introducing a live bacterial culture to a pond is like introducing any other life form, such as fish. Your pond should be adequately aerated, especially in warm weather, to provide the oxygen needed by your fish and aerobic bacteria. Oxygen uptake by the bacteria will be higher if there is a significant buildup of organic waste in the pond or aquarium. You should begin to see results in 7-10 days and in 25-30 days you should see complete results. Unlike chemical products which work almost immediately when added to a pond, but become diluted, the active bacteria in Tangsons products multiply to provide the populations necessary to give the desired effect. Some time is naturally required for this growth to occur. When you plant grass seed you wouldn’t expect to mow it right away, would you?

14. Can Tangsons bacteria products be diluted to extend the product utilization?

Tangsons products should be used as is and not tampered with. The bacteria are grown in the container, and by attempting to dilute it could upset the balance of equilibrium in the bottle and jeopardize the remainder by shortening the shelf life.

15. How will Tangsons products make my life easier?

These products establish a balance of nutrients in the pond/ aquarium, remove ammonia, nitrogen and other organic waste, which in turn produces cleaner water and a healthier environment for the inhabitants of the pond/ aquarium. It will reduce the manual maintenance requirements of the owner and increase the pleasure of having a pond or aquarium. As one dealer put it, “It cuts your pond maintenance in half.”

16. How does Tangsons products clear up the pond / aquarium water?

By establishing and maintaining a healthy balance in the pond/ aquarium, and by removing soluble and particulate organic waste matter, the water will obtain clarity otherwise not available. Any small or microscopic debris in the pond or aquarium will add to turbidity, clouding of the pond/ aquarium and detracting from the overall appearance. With Tangsons Products at work, this is removed by the bacterial action.

17. How do I apply Tangsons biological products for my pond?

The best application is to dissolve into water for activation first and add amount of product indicated on the container for your size pond. It can be put in one spot or spread around the edge of the pond by hand or metered dispenser. The end result will be full coverage of the entire pond, but it will become distributed more quickly in a larger pond if applied to different areas.

18. If I miscalculate the size of my pond, and add too little Tangsons products , will I have wasted the bacteria?

Simply add the additional bacteria amount when you realize the mistake. If you didn’t add enough in the initial purge dosage the bacteria will begin working, but will take much longer to show the desired effects. It works a lot better if you use as directed.

19. Can Tangsons products be sprayed into the pond?

Yes, it can be applied by a sprayer. A low pressure garden sprayer will not harm the bacteria and if it is easier to apply over a large area like this, the user can do that. However, it should be a coarse spray and not a fine spray that would produce a lot of aerosols.

20. How should Tangsons Products be stored?

Products should be protected from extreme heat and direct sunlight. It can withstand heat up to 105ºF before starting to die. A cellar, garage or shed (but not in an attic in the shed) should provide the necessary protection during summer months. The ideal storage temperatures are between 40-105ºF.

21. What is the shelf life of the Tangsons products?

All of our dry biological products , and the dry bio-products with added enzyme and other support material have an extended shelf life well beyond our two year stated claim. The dry formulations consist of multiple strains of spore forming microorganisms and these microorganisms can stay in the spore form (dormant state) for an indefinite period of time when properly stored.

 The method of microbial activation is twofold: a) the addition of water; b) the presence of waste organic matter. Both of these factors are required to activate the microbes and get their biological oxidation process going.

22. Anything else?

Probably. Every application is different. If you have particular concerns about your client, please get in touch and we’ll try our best to help you.


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