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Trichoderma Viride

2x 10^10 cfu/g trichoderma viride supply

Trichoderma viride is a high-efficiency organic biological agent. It produces antibiotics, nutrient competition, parasitic, cell-wall degradation, enzymes, and induced plant resistance mechanisms, which have antagonism effect on a variety of plant pathogenic fungi. Protection and treatment can effectively control soil spread fungus diseases with dual effect.

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  • Bacteria count :  1x 10^10 cfu/g  ,  2 x 10^10 cfu/g

  • Fineness:  60-80 mesh screen

  • Moisture: 8%

  • 25 kg / bag or  as per customers request

Disease Control
  • Root Rots

  • Brown Rot

  • Charcoal rot

  • Fusarium wilts

  • Rhizoctonia solani

  • Damping off

  • Anthracnose

  • Macrophomina phaseolina

  • Trichoderma viride compete with other disease causing microbes for nutrients and space. With fast growth and reproduction rate, T. Viride can quickly absorb and utilize nutrients, water, space and oxygen in the soil, thus worsening the living environment of plant pathogens;

  • Trichoderma viride,are well known for their production of several lytic enzymes and/or antibiotics,  widely used in biocontrol of soilborne plant-pathogenic fungi

  • Induces defense responses in crop plants ( Induced resistance ) Symbiosis and resistance induction: the co-growth of Trichoderma viride and plant roots activates the plant's internal defense system and improves the plant's disease resistance;

  • Trichoderma viride mycelium will grow, twine and Pierce along the mycelium of plant pathogens and absorb the nutrients in the mycelium of plant pathogens, leading to the death of plant pathogens;

  • Trichoderma viride  increase the rate of plant growth and development, by developing more robust roots. These deep roots cause crops, such as corn, and ornamental plants, to become more resistant to drought.

  • Effectively prevent and control root rot, cataplexy, blight, wilt, verticillium wilt, anthrax, and other soil-borne diseases;

  • Improve the soil, break the knot, improve the soil permeability and oxygen supply of the root system;

  • Promote root growth, make crop growth more vigorous and increase crop yield, etc.

  • Increase root growth and tolerance to drought.

  • Increase the absorption of nutrients and the effective use of fertilizers

  • Improve the light and efficiency of plants.

  • Increase the rate and percentage of seed germination.

Dosage & Method
  • For seeds treatment, Apply 40 grams of Trichoderma Viride for 1 kg seeds, Mix required quantity of Trichoderma Viride with equal quantity of Rice gruel. The seeds are mixed in the slurry so as to have a uniform coating of the inoculant over the seeds and then shade dried for 30 minutes. The shade dried seeds should be sown within 24 hours. When it is applied at the same time as the seed, it colonizes the seed surface and kills not only the pathogens present on the cuticle, but also provides protection against soil-borne pathogens.

  • For seedling root dip, Mix 2 Kg of Trichoderma with 50 lits of water. In this mixture, keep the seedling roots in immersed condition for 10 minutes and use the seedlings for transplantation in the field.

  • For soil application, apply 2 kg Tricoderma mixed with 20Kgs of dried and powdered farm yard manure and then broadcasted in one acre of main field just before transplanting.

  • It is suitable for Sugarcane, Pulses, Oilseeds, Cotton, Vegetables, Banana, Coconut, Oil palm, Chilies, Lime, Coffee & Tea, Areca nut & Rubber, Flower crops and Spices.


Trichoderma viride is a microbial fungus, mainly saprophytic, which can grow only when the soil has a certain humidity and temperature. It should be used in the soil, and avoid spraying on the stems and leaves; Avoid using chemical pesticides with strong acids and bases as much as possible;Trichoderma itself is harmless to crops, continuous use is better.

Packing and shelf life
  • 2 year shelf life, 1 kg per foil bag, 25 kg per bag, Keep Tricoderma away from direct heat and sunlight. Store it in cool and dry place.

  • Keep Tricoderma away from direct heat and sunlight. Store it in cool and dry place.Once opened, should be use it within 30 days to prevent activation. Keep out of reach of children.


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