Kinglv Sponsors International Conference on Farmland Remediation Technology

2019-11-20 13:36:10

On August 15, government officials and more than 60 technicist from 14 countries including Venezuela, Nepal, Sudan, Palestine, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Botswana, North Korea, Cuba, Panama, Sri Lanka and Georgia visited Hunan Kinglv Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. for friendly exchanges and discussions. The exchange meeting was hosted by Su Liping, the head of Kinglv Environmental Protection Overseas Business Department. Jiang Chaohua, deputy general manager of Kinglv Environmental Protection and secretary of the board of directors, led the company executives to attend the exchange meeting.

At the exchange meeting between the two sides, Deputy General Manager and Secretary of the Board of Directors Jiang Chaohua introduced the basic situation of Jinbang Environmental Protection and welcomed the visit of foreign guests. The overseas business team introduced the development status of Kinglv Environmental Protection in the fields of soil remediation, water treatment, environmental protection equipment, etc., and answered the topics and exchange groups that everyone cares about.

In response to the questions of the members of the exchange group on how to look at the future development of soil remediation in the environmental protection industry and the future planning of the company, the person in charge of the overseas business department of Jinlv Environmental said that there are many opportunities in the field of soil remediation in the environmental protection market in the second half of 2017. Hunan Province launched the second round of “Pilots for the Remediation and Treatment of Heavy Metal Contaminated Cultivated Land” and vigorously promoted “Third Party Environmental Services”; the Hunan Provincial Government also strongly supported the powerful third-party environmental protection enterprises such as Kinglv Environmental Protection to enter the field of heavy metal contaminated cultivated land restoration and treatment services. . Based on its technical strength and grasp of market opportunities, Jinlv Environmental has developed rapidly in recent years. The company also hopes to have the opportunity to cooperate with foreign companies in technology and equipment to strengthen the company's market competitiveness, and foreign advanced technology and equipment can also be promoted through the market platform of Jinlv Environmental Protection.


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