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Bacillus Coagulans Probiotic

10 billion CFU/g bacillus coagulans Supply

Bacillus coagulans is gram positive bacterium, rod-shaped and blunt at both ends, with terminal spores, no flagella, can decompose the sugars to L-lactic acid, and belongs to homotype lactic acid fermentation bacteria, one kind of lacto bacillus approved to be safe by American Food and Drug Administration. This product can regulate the balance of intestinal flora, inhibit the proliferation of intestinal undesirable microorganisms and is resistant to gastric-acid, bile salt and high heat, easy to preserve. It can survive in the intestinal tract with low oxygen, It also has high survive rate with acid and bile. It is widely applied in the feed of poultry, livestock, aquatic animals, ruminants and etc.

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  • Bacteria count :  1 x 10^10 cfu/g  ,  2 x 10^10cfu/g

  • Fineness:  60-80 mesh screen

  • Moisture: 8%

  • 25 kg / bag or  as per customers request

  • Dietary Supplements 

  • Feed Probiotics

  • Poultry Feed

  • Aquaculture Feed

  • Food & Beverages

  • Inhibit the growth of harmful bacterium, promote the growth and reproduction of the beneficial bacteria, improve the gut’s microflora conditions, keep intestinal health, enhance bowel function, promote the growth of animals.

  • Decrease the inflammation of the intestine tract, inhibit the release of the pro-inflammatory factors, reduce drug usage.

  • Reduce the occurrence of diseases such as the acute or chronic diarrhea, constipation and abdominal distension caused by intestinal flora disturbance significantly.

  • Improve the performance of the animal product, increase the VFA in the hindgut, improve quality and flavor of the meat.

  • Enhance immunity and anti-stress ability, enhance the resistance of the animals, relief all kinds of stress coursed by bad environment, high temperature, weaning and anti-epidemic. 

  • Improve daily gain and feed conversion rate, promote digestion and absorption of feed, lower feed to gain ratio, reduce mortality.

  • Reduce ammonia hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases in the animal house, reduce environmental pollution, improve the breeding environment.

How does it work
  • Secrete lactic acid and other organic acids, promote proliferation of intestinal bacteria, regulate animals intestinal micro ecological balance.

  • Produce the antibacterial substances, such as bacteriocin, inhibit growth of harmful bacteria, build a complete biological barrier system, maintain the integrity of the intestinal epithelial cells.

  • Produce rich abundant of enzymes, help to promote absorption and digestion of nutrients together with endogenous digestive enzymes.

  • Stimulate the secretion of antibody and anti-inflammatory cytokine to enhance immune response of the symbiotic bacteria, enhance the intestinal mucosal immunity.

  • Produce a variety of nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids, short chain fatty acids etc., promote animal growth. 

Products Features
  • Excellent performance of acid-production and perfect antibacterial effect.

  • No pollution, no residue, biological and environment-friendly.

  • Good stability, such as acid-proof, salt-tolerant, heat-resistant and compression resistant

  • Maintain high stability during feed granulating and the process of getting though the acidic condition in stomach.

  • Safety, green, and non-toxic without pollution and side effects.


Dosage & Method

This product is 100% natural feed additive, suitable for all animals such as pig, poultry, ruminant, aquatic animal and pet.The following dosage is an example of 10 billion cfu/g. Other specification can be converted according to the content of CFU.

  • For aquaculture using,  mix 200 gram for 1 MT feeding or  0.15 ppm for pond spray after dissolved in water.

  • For animal farming,  mix 200 gram for 1 MT feeding or 0.1 ppm dissolved in drinking water.

  • For drinking water, mix 160 g/t water, once per day

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Product Techinical Data




Viable count (CFU/g)

10 billion (1.0x1010)

50 billion (5.0x1010)




Recommended dosage

200 g/t

100 g/t

Key component

Bacillus coagulans, Carrier




Slight fermentation odor

Particle size

More than 98% pass through standard sieve of 60 meshes (0.25mm)

Loss on drying


Arsenic (As)

≤2 mg/kg

Plumbum (Pb)

≤5 mg/kg

Mercury (Hg)

≤0.1 mg/kg

Cadmium (Cd)

≤0.5 mg/kg

Microbial contamination rate


Coli group

≤100 CFU/g



Total count of mold

≤2.0x104 CFU/g

Pathogenic bacteria


Package And Storage


100 g/bag, 250g/bag, 500g/bag, 1kg/bag


20kg/25kg/drum or as requirements


If 25kg/bag, 1,000kg/40bag/pallet


One 20'GP can contain 10-14 tons if bag


Stored 24 months sealed in a cool, dry and airy place. 

Prevent from direct sunlight, heat and dampness


Do not use with disinfectant or antibacterial agents

Delivery Terms

By Express

By Air

By sea

By land

Suitable for under 50kg
Fast: 3-7 days 

High cost 

Door to door service
Easy to pick up the goods

Suitable for more than 50kg
Fast: 3-7 days 

High cost 

Port to port service
Professional broker needed

Suitable for more than 200kg
Slow: 7-45 days 

Low cost
Port to port service 

Profissional broker needed

Suitable for more than 500kg 

When by sea can not arrive at you,

you can select land transportation,

by train or by motor

  • General speaking, FedEx, EMS, TNT, UPS by express, by air and by sea is main shipping terms.

  • Lead time 15 working days after purchase order, Port of Loading:  Guangzhou / Shanghai Port

  • By express for quantity less than 50kg cargo, also called DDU service

  • By sea for quantity over 200kg, By air is available for above 50kg

  • For high value products, please select air shipping or DHL express for safe

  • If the cargo quantity is more than 500kg, but by sea can not arrive at you, please select land transportation or by train 


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