Sludge Removal

Industry leading solutions for sludge management in lakes and ponds

Lakes and ponds are catch basins for many sources of nutrient pollution. Excess nitrogen and phosphorus from animal or fish waste, stormwater runoff, grass clippings or leaves, and fertilisers are a just a few examples of the nutrient pollution that eventually settles at the base of lakes and ponds. Lake and ponds with bases that are overloaded with these nutrients can experience depletion of oxygen, fish kills, excessive weed growth or harmful algae blooms that negatively impact water quality.

Sludge removals are a customized natural microbial product with specific strains for aqua bioremediation and maintain pond & Lake bottom sludge remove.The result is often several inches per year when dose to the water, sink and begin to remove bottom organic sludge.

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  • Surface water bioremediation

  • Pond sludge treatment

  • Urban river pollution control

  • Diminish bottom sludge build up

  • Remove pond odors

  • Enhance water clarity

  • Reduce mechanical dredging

  • Lower oxygen demand

  • Eliminate excess organics nutrients

  • Fish, family and animal safe

Dosage & Method
  • Dosing 3 ppm when initial treatment for first month, twice per week.

  • Dosing 1.5 ppm when maintenance treatment for subsequent two month, once per week.

  • Ready to use, Small sinking solid for precise and effective placement when spot treating.


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