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Ammonia has a very strong odor and often accumulates in barns, stalls and stables. It is one of the most dangerous gases that is present in the air. As a result, ammonia emissions can negatively impact your animal’s health and performance. Ammonia irritates an animal’s eyes, lungs, sinuses, mouth and skin and also makes them more vulnerable to infection. 

Furthermore, humans can be harmed by high levels of ammonia. It is important to control ammonia in order to protect your livestock, yourself and the environment.

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High ammonia can lead to
  • Decreased animal health, including higher incidences of respiratory disease

  • Ammonia burns or breast blisters and coccidiosis

  • Decreased broiler growth, feed conversionrates and egg production

  • A poor working environment for employees

  • Significant air pollution

  • Fast acting and cost effective

  • Decreasing production costs per pound

  • Removes rather than masks odors

  • Long residual effective period

  • Effective on a wide range of volatile organic compounds (VOC)

  • Decreasing ventilation costs, while maintaining feed efficiency

  • Lowering heating costs, especially in winter months

  • Less condemnations

How does it work

Odor control works rapidly to eliminate odors at their molecular source by bio-chemically altering the pathways of decomposition and accelerating the natural degradation process. It uses a dual action process on odor causing molecules, degrading the substrates at the source and causing decomposition in their gaseous state. As the enzymes come into contact with the volatile organic compounds (VOCs), they react biochemically and break the VOCs down into their final, inert, odorless compounds. Rapid decomposition and degradation processes take place due to Odor Control's unique abilities to operate within an acidic environment and digest odor molecules in their dissolved, gaseous state. 

Dosage & Method

Spray an active mixture of Odor Control daily to ground, wall, floors and newly deposited waste, prior to the application of any daily cover in accordance with the following steps.

1) Recommend dosage of Odor Control  1 kg / 500~600 sqm of area spray.

2) Open package and mix Odor Control in water tank. The amount of water needed depends on the site. There should be enough water to guarantee complete coverage of all new received waste material during all hours of operation. Use a minimum of 50 L per kg of Odor Control.

3) To Facilitate dosing / Spraying of Odor Control on the waste, the pump outlet from the water tank should be connected to a hose and a variable range coarse spray nozzle should be used.


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