Probiotics for ruminants

Probiotics For Ruminants

Ruminant feeding probiotics solution, Increase feed intake and improve

Probios RU  is a probiotic feed, consisting of a diverse array of gut friendly microbes that promote rapid and more efficient digestion of food in ruminant. Probios RU improves the digestibility of ingested foods and accelerates nutrient assimilation, thus enhancing the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) and improving their biomass.

This patented technology works as a natural alternative to antibiotic growth promoters, delivers unprecedented energy and amino acid digestibility for ruminants, help ruminants producers' profitability and sustainability goals. Contact Us for Probiotics for ruminants

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Active Ingredient
  • Bacillus subtilis

  • Lactic acid bacteria

  • Aspergillus oryzae

  • Aspergillus niger

  • Yeast

  • Bacteria Count: 1* 10^10 cfu/g

  • Faster growth rate (10%~20%) and short breeding period

  • Increase feed intake and improve FCR (8 %)

  • Dealing quickly with imbalance of the gut micro-flora including scours

  • Improve lean mass in sheep and cattle

  • Enhance immunity and disease resistance, reduce diarrhea rate

  • Reducing feed costs

  • Reduced rumen acidosis

  • Reduces nitrogen emissions and greenhouse gases

Scientific data

1. Effect on improving daily weight gain of cattleimage.png

   2. Effect on improving daily weight gain of mutton sheep


Dosage & Method
  • 150~300 gram per MT complete feed

  • 0.1 % Dosage in premixes and concentrates


Product List

Sustainable Soil FertilityNon Residue Crop ProtectionOptimal Growth Management
Animal Husbandry
Feed Probiotics SolutionManure CompostingOdor Management
Waste Management
Waste Water Treatment
Surface Water Treatment
Bacteria supply
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