Nutri Feed

Probios Aqua (Nutri Feed) is a probiotic feed, consisting of a diverse array of gut friendly microbes that promote rapid and more efficient digestion of food in aquatic animals. Probios Aqua improves the digestibility of ingested foods and accelerates nutrient assimilation, thus enhancing the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) and improving their biomass.

Unique biological formulation that is chosen for 100 % green technology to degrade the toxic organic components and improve water quality.

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  • Aquaculture

  • Shrimp farming

  • Fish farming

  • Hatchery

  • Maintains healthy pond condition for growth, productivity, and sustainability

  • Increases feed efficiency and digestibility

  • Effective across a wide range of biologically relevant feed and animal types

  • Helps prevent colonization of pathogenic bacteria, improving animal gut health

  • Improves fish and shrimp growth rate and survival rate

  • Cost-effective and its performance for the end-user yields a leading return on investment

Dosage & Method
  • If feeding,  1 kg mix with 100 kg feed

  • If pond spray,  dose 0.15 ppm,  once per week   

  • Routine use can maintain aquatic environment.

  • Dissolve with water at 1: 20 ratios; keep settling 2 hrs for activation before dosing

  • Suggest to dosing at morning time when sunshine weather. 

  • Caution to dosing when rainy weather or insufficient D.O, suggest to activate aerator during dosage.


Product List

Sustainable Soil FertilityNon Residue Crop ProtectionOptimal Growth Management
Animal Husbandry
Feed Probiotics SolutionManure CompostingOdor Management
Waste Management
Waste Water Treatment
Surface Water Treatment
Bacteria supply
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