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Project Background

1) Aquaculture water quality turns turbid,  water color become slant yellow;

2) Use a lots of antibiotics before, 

3) Frequent aquaculture disease occurred ; TVC CFU is very high

4) Shrimp survival ratio is very low, around 75%,  only 2,000 kg yield per mu

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Project Solution

1) Dosing Aqua Clean to improve water quality ;

2) Dosing Sludge removal to degrade pond sludge and increase sludge activity;

3) Dosing Ammonia Guard to reduce NH3 & NO2 in shrimp farm water; 

4) Use Nutri feed for antibiotics-free feeding

Water Quality Result

Water quality improved, transparency improved 20%, TVC reduce 71%;

Ammonia reduction result

Ammonia decreased by 50%, Nitrite decreased by 80%

Survival and Yield

Survival ratio improved 23%, yield improved 53.5%

Shirmp Weight

The proportion of shrimp isze in the treated pond > 17g (60 pcs /kg) is higher, 23.8% in the treated pond and 10.8% only in the control pond.

Shrimp qualified ratio

Shrimp qualified ratio improved 47.8%

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