Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment

Nitrification, Ammonia nitrogen, toxic wastewater

Project Background

Project introduction: 

Baoding BR Bio-steroids is pharmaceutical factory to produce high-end steroidal compounds, the biological treatment system was shocked by chloroform substances in influent. After some adjustment, COD reduction is gradually recovering in system, but ammonia nitrogen reduction is almost no any improvement. However, they decided to inoculate nitrifying bacteria to quick recovery nitrifying system and improve NH3-N reduction.

Project Background: 

1) Project: Baoding BR Bio-Steroids Co., Ltd; 

2) Wastewater type: Pharmaceutical wastewater; 

3) Flow rate: 500 cum/day 

4) Project problem: Ammonia nitrogen over limit 

STP information

Flow Diagram: Influent > EQ > Flocculate Tank > EGSB > A/O/O > sediment tank> Effluent 

Tank size: EGSB 1,000 m3 Anoxic Tank 700 m3 1st 

                Aeration tank 1,200 m3 2nd Aeration tank 1500 m3,

Wastewater Analysis Report
Project Solution

1) Make sure all facility, air diffuser, pipe, valve, instruments work properly. 

2) To balance C: N: P, add sodium dihydrogen phosphate into aeration tank due to low TP.

3) Activate products by dissolve with water, and keeping aerating for 2 hrs before dosing. 

4) Day 1, dosing 130 kg and 120 kg to 1st aeration tank and 2nd aeration tank respectively; 

5) After dosing, make aeration for 24 hrs and keep no more influent coming in and out within this time. 

6) Day 3, dosing 80 kg and 70 kg to 1st aeration tank and 2nd aeration tank respectively; 

7) Day 5, dosing 50 kg and 50 kg to 1st aeration tank and 2nd aeration tank respectively; 

8) Daily check effluent parameter to make sure cultivation process;

Project Result

1) After 5 days cultivation for nitrifying bacteria, ammonia nitrogen in effluent has achieved the desired goal.

2) Showed from above chart, since day 2, NH3-N is becoming reduced, and after 4 days, Nh3-H is reduced to 8.83 mg/L, up to now, ammonia nitrogen is stable at around 10 mg/L.

3) Tangsons nitrifying bacteria can significant improve ammonia nitrogen reduction in pharmaceutical wastewater.

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